MR Retriever ...for the record

Due to upcoming changes in our medical records process, please see below to obtain your records.

Beginning 1-1-2021, if requesting records for University Radiology, please send all requests to PO Box 11167, Knoxville, TN 37939-1167.

If requesting medical records for any other practice, starting 12-1-2020, please visit


The entire process is electronic, from submission to delivery and payment. The net result is unsurpassed responsiveness and turnaround. Click here to learn more about MR Retriever.


MR Retriever eliminates the need for your personnel having to manually compile the requested reports. This not only saves you valuable time allowing heightened focus on patient care, but also eliminates the possibility of human errors. Click here to learn more.


Our expertly designed and independently audited security processes and protocols ensure full HIPAA and HITECH compliance. Records and requests are kept safe and private at all times. Click here to learn more about MR Retriever security.