Why MR Retriever™?


MR Retriever was developed not by a third party service provider, but by Canopy Partners, Inc., a medical service provider (covered entity) with intimate firsthand knowledge of all the requirements, expectations and challenges that such a system would have to meet. Further, the technical developer of the MR Retriever service is Sightsource, LLC, an expert custom software development company with extensive experience in delivering simple, elegant solutions to business challenges.


The number one challenge currently facing covered entities is how time-consuming the process of releasing medical information truly is. This time has a monetary cost, but it also decreases the time available to focus on patient care and service. Even when a third party service provider is hired to handle release requests, covered entities still often find themselves handling exceptions. They also have to continue to field follow up calls from patients or their representatives, who did not receive the timely turnaround on their request, or update calls that seek to confirm changes between the report’s date and an event, such as a court date or an insurance hearing. With MR Retriever, the lion share of all these time-consuming disruptions is handled automatically, and virtually instantly. Further, since MR Retriever is a paper-free process, additional savings could be realized by eliminating or greatly reducing how paper intensive this processes is for a covered entity. Be it the requests themselves or the associated billing activity, this could quickly add up to very significant amounts.


The area of medical information release is highly regulated already, and it only promises to continue to become more complex in the coming years. As the national transition to electronic health records is gaining momentum, the expectation is that new questions and issues will arise with increasing frequency, prompting further legislative remedies. While there is no way to eliminate the need to train personnel on HIPAA; HITECH and any further regulations, it is possible to eliminate the liability associated with multiple people potentially having a hand in the release of Protected Health Information. With MR Retriever, a covered entity’s medical records are released through an application and processes that are kept in compliance at all times.


Simply put, if a covered entity switches to MR Retriever from a different third party service provider, MR Retriever will make them “look good”. In the eyes of their patients and patient-representatives, the service they receive from a third party provider is a direct reflection on the covered entity.

MR Retriever will ensure that you avoid:

  • Long, unnecessarily drawn out turnaround times
  • Manual processes that require traditional mail and telephone communications
  • Unreliable, inconsistent timelines that force premature requests, which are then updated over the phone thereby doubling the amount of work required for a single release

These are just some of the examples we have come across where the perception of a covered entity was adversely affected by the service their patients or representatives of patients received.


Of course, all the convenience and savings provided by MR Retriever would not mean anything without the entire process being safe and secure. This is why Canopy Partners, Inc. and Sightsource, LLC have placed such an emphasis on designing a system that utilizes the highest industry standard encryption methods. To further ensure that all PHI stays safe, MR Retriever is independently audited by information technology security experts.